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Sberbank places second issue of structured exchange-traded bonds


On April 28 the order book for the second issue of Sberbank’s structured exchange-traded bonds (hereinafter “structured bonds”) was closed. Demand totaled 222,185,000 roubles. The OGZD_DIGIPRT-24m-001-02R series issue has a maturity of 728 days, the fixed coupon payment is made every 182 days. The security has a fixed coupon rate of 0.01%, return of face value upon redemption, and potential additional yield of up to 25.32% in US dollars in case of favourable performance of the underlying asset. The underlying asset is American depositary receipts representing Gazprom shares.

This is the second issue of the product. Sberbank successfully placed the debut issue of structured exchange-traded bonds worth 456 million roubles on December 16, 2016. The new issue, like the first one, is intended for a wide range of investors, from individuals to various types of institutional investors.

More than 170 clients participated in the placement. Settlements related to the placement were conducted on the MICEX on April 28, 2017. The funds that were raised will be used for general corporate purposes. Sberbank CIB[1] acted as the placement organiser.

“The second issue of the structured exchange-traded bonds enjoyed as much success as the first one placed last December, which became the debut structured exchange-traded product in Russia issued by the largest Russian bank and available for all types of investors. As part of today’s placement Sberbank put into circulation an innovative tool with a structure unavailable on the market earlier, and we believe it offers investors an optimal risk/yield ratio. We are satisfied with the placement results and a considerable amount of investors who participated in the placement, which shows there is an interest in structured products in general on the market. Sberbank will continue to place structured bonds this year, we are considering the placement in other currencies, but currently Sberbank is seeing the biggest interest in rouble-denominated instruments,” said Andrey Shemetov, Head of Sberbank CIB’s Global Markets Department.

This is the second issue as part of Sberbank’s structured exchange-traded bond programme with a total face value of 200 billion roubles. Sberbank plans to offer investors products linked to a wide range of market indicators (shares, goods, interest rates, etc.) in 2017. Specific indicators will be chosen taking into account clients’ interests and the market situation. The structured exchange-traded bond programme allows investors to fulfill their expectations using a wide range of market indicators.

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2 Banking products and services provided by Sberbank