Sberbank CIB
The Corporate and Investment Banking Business of Sberbank

Equity Financing

You need:

to obtain capital for financing organic and non-organic growth

Our solution:

equity financing

Sberbank CIB:

  • invests in projects worth $30 mln to $100 mln, and more;
  • exercises follow-on capitalization of portfolio companies, if necessary;
  • acquires minority stakes of preference or ordinary shares;
  • provides capital for financing organic development and M&A projects (including LBO and MBO);
  • implements financial restructuring projects;
  • participates in transactions on consolidation of assets in individual fragmented sectors of Russia’s economy in cases, where such an initiative is implemented by an experienced managerial team.

We use liquidity facilities ensuring exit out of projects within 3 to 5 years.

Types of transactions

We provide capital to finance organic growth projects and M&As (including LBOs and MBOs), and carry out financial restructuring projects. Merchant Banking & Advisory is also ready to participate in deals to consolidate assets in specific fragmented sectors of the Russian economy whenever such initiatives are carried out by an experienced management team.

Partnership and motivation

We work in partnership with senior management and shareholders with common, experience-based views of strategic corporate development. At the same time, the motivation of the management team must be aimed at achieving these long-term goals.

Exits from investment

Sberbank CIB’s investment projects involve transparent exit mechanisms, which are part of mezzanine finance instruments or determined by the rules for selling preferred and/or ordinary shares.